Diners call You Buy I Fly (YBIF) and place their order with YBIF's "telephone wait staff" just as
though they were ordering in a restaurant.  YBIF transmits the order to the appropriate restaurant,
picks up the order when it is ready and then delivers the meal to the customer's door.  The cost is
the same as if dining in the restaurant, plus a modest administrative fee. This is not a tip for the
driver.  YBIF is fully insured and compliant.  The total is payable to the driver on site by check
for returned checks)
, cash or credit card.  

YBIF uses the same computer technology as restaurants to ensure 100% accuracy.  Your meal will
arrive fresh.  Joe Martinson, president of YBIF, is a Serv-Safe certified commercial kitchen manager
with over 40 years of experience.  Each delivery vehicle is equipped with insulated carriers to keep
hot foods hot and cold foods cold.

If your feeding a teenage study group  or at home with a glass of wine and probably in for the
evening, simply call YBIF, place your order and let us take care of the rest.